Custom Bolt Knobs are also available in various colors as well as
black and silver. All styles of bolt knobs can be powder coated
in any of the avilable colors. If you don't see the color
you want, just ask. We may be able to get or
make what you are looking for. Knobs
can also be furnished uncoated
and painted to match your
rifle by your painter.

Beige Black Matte Black Mid Gloss Black Mini Textured Blue Blue Dark Blue Grey Wrinkle Blue Light
Blue Metallic Brick Red Bronze Medium Bronze Metallic Brown Burgundy Buttercup Yellow Candy Blue
Candy Orange Candy Purple Candy Red Champagne Gold Clear Gloss Clear Matte Dark Grey Blue Evergreen
Goldenrod Gold Vein Green Green Light Green Wrinkle Lemon Yellow Olive Drab Orange
Orange Brown Purple Rasberry Red Signal Blue Silver Silver Vein White
White Mini Texture Wine Metallic Yellow